1. Publication Projects

English-North Korean Diglot Bible, Pyongyang Bible


Bible Story for North and South to Read Together


South-North Unification Language Dictionary


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2. Projects to Introduce North Korea


Lectures to Introduce North Korea at Major US Universities


Publishing Autobiographies Introducing North Korea


English-North Korean / North Korean-English Dictionary for Reading Rodong Daily


Running Language Academy Teaching Pyongyang Language


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3. English Education Project for North Korean Students


Pyongyang Bible Institute, through its subsidy Peninsular Language Institute (PLI), has performed the following projects.


The Promise, South and North Twin Book Project


English-North Korean Dictionary, English-English-North Korean Dictionary, North Korean-English Dictionary, which will be sent to North Korean students


English Self-study Aid for North Korean Students


Equipping English Teacher Who Will Be Sent to North Korea


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[ Publication Project | Introducing NK Project | English Education Project for NK ]

Pyongyang Bible Institute has been performing the following projects to achieve its mission.