Welcoming Message

"Let's achieve the unification of South and North through the unification of language and culture." This is the motto of Pyongyang Bible Institute.

Already 60 years have passed since the division of our motherland into South and North. The whole nation's sole desire is the unification of South and North.

I was born and raised in North, where I served as a professor for around 40 years. In the fratricidal 1950 Korean War, I participated as a young soldier of the North Korean army.

For the last 25 years, I have worked in teaching about North Koreans’ ideological mentality at universities in Moscow, Seoul and Washington DC.  My calling is to dedicate my life for the unification of our motherland. In response to that calling, I organized Pyongyang Bible Institute at Washington DC and commit myself to the works for unification.

Hyun Sik Kim, Chairman of Pyongyang Bible Institute


about North Korea,
at Yale (2003.10)

Welcoming Message

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